Simon Laffin

Notes from a non-executive director

A series of articles in my blog look at practical issues and problems that arise on boards.

  1. Becoming a non-executive director

  2. Learning to be a non-executive director

  3. Things it's worth knowing as a non-executive director

  4. What to do when your company gets bid for

  5. Difficult issues that boards sometimes face

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Corporate Governance

Regulators haven't learnt the lessons from the financial crisis and other corporate failures. Instead of thinking of yet more new rules, they should start from analysing what went wrong and using those lessons to develop new regulation.

Motherhood and apple pie - corporate governance for private companies

Why do we have corporate governance regulation?

Why is aviation safer than the boardroom?

Why you wouldn’t want a CEO piloting an airliner

Why you might want a pilot running your Risk Committee

Think like a pilot: How a non-executive director can challenge business risks.

Taking the right decisions in business