Retail Week articles by Simon Laffin

On finance and business

Retail Week on risk

Retailers will be by now be well-advanced, planning for next year.To most of us, planning is a tedious necessity...(Oct 2013)

Retail Week on annual reports

This is the annual report season for most retailers. The rules and regulations have been tightened up...(May 2014)

Retail Week
 on women on boards

Companies with women on their boards outperform others with a 42% higher return on sales, 66% higher return on invested capital...(Mar 2011)

Retail Week on customer service

Santander has quietly dropped my ISA interest rate to 0.1%. Irritated, I called them up to move it into another ISA account...(May 2013)

Retail Week on tax and morality

Justin King said recently: "Tax is a moral issue...Trust is a moral issue and you can't claim to hold a trustworthy space...(Jul 2013)

Retail Week on Mary Portas

In the 1990s, one of my favourite programmes was John Harvey-Jones;s Troubleshooter, in which he gave out ideas, enthusiasm...(Sep 2010)

Retail Week on bankers

I met a senior banker the other week, who was head of client relationships with a household name bank. Concerned about how life must be tough...(Apr 2009)

Retail Week on leadership

Leadership has been much in the news recently. Poor Gordon Brown certainly lacks it, as apparently do all our political figures...(June 2009)

On food retailing

Retail Week on the accounting issue at Tesco

It was the phone call that no finance director ever wants to receive. Twelve hours before announcing our results to the City...(Dec 2014)

Retail Week on Lewis taking over at Tesco

You can't doubt the bravery of the new Tesco Chief Executive, Dave Lewis, who himself called the sector "extremely tough...(Sep 2014)

Retail Week on the Sainsbury Netto JV

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote in a play that "hell is other people". Some might say that if other people are hell, joint ventures...(July 2014)

Retail Week on Tesco's performance

"Tesco has reported its worst performance in 20 years with another fall in sales" according to Sky News...(Feb 2012)

Retail Week on reports of a price war

"Tesco announces a new price initiative and the media proclaim a price war. Is this really the beginning of ...(Oct 2011)

Retail Week on what is EDLP

I notice that Asda is once again saying that Everyday Low Prices (EDLP) is driving its volume growth. Apparently 100m pounds investment...(Sep 2013)

Retail Week on arbitrage and Morrisons property value

Arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between markets. It's usually a City term, but is actually...(Feb 2014)

Retail Week on the value of retail shares

A sale isn't a sale until you've got the cash. So said the sign in my cab in my days as a Co-op milkman....(June 2012)

Retail Week on the effect of the internet on retailing

I'm sure that we are all thoroughly tired of reading about how the internet is killing shops. At least the horse meat scandle...(Feb 2013)

Retail Week on Ocados IPO

"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce," wrote Karl Marx. He wasn't talking about Ocado's proposed IPO at the time...(July 2010)